Newsletter 5, Feb 2012

The Discovery Newsletter

  • Building momentum - the latest round of Discovery projects will be developing services and releasing openly licensed metadata
  • Will's World - creating a registry of Shakespeare resources in the first of two major Discovery exemplar projects
  • Help for collections managers - one step closer to a national approach with the Copac Collections Management Tool
  • Case studies and workshops - information, advice and guidance to help institutions make resources more discoverable
  • Supply chain development - approaching systems vendors, publishers and other key actors in the metadata ecosystem
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Newsletter 4, Dec 2011

The Discovery Newsletter

  • Looking at the big picture - feedback from Library Directors on the strategic advantages of resource discovery
  • Towards a business case for Discovery - reflections on the evidence of benefits that have emerged
  • Advancing scholarship - major new exemplars and developments to show what is possible
  • A is for Activity (and more) - the relevance of activity data to Discovery objectives
  • Other news and developments from SCONUL, BBC Digital Public Space and the Library of Congress
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Newsletter 3, Oct 2011

The Discovery Newsletter

  • Discodev - Dancing with data
  • RDTF Project outcomes
  • Announcement puts - Europeana and Discovery in step
  • Open and Linked Metadata Initiatives - what the rest of the world is doing
  • Discovery, the story so far...
  • Podcast: The British Museum's Collections Online
  • Discovery - where next?
  • New signatories to the Discovery Open Metadata Principles
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Discovery Newsletter

The Discovery Newsletter

Discovery Newsletter June 2012

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