Newsletter 2, July 2011

The Discovery Newsletter

  • Discovery launches a competition for open source applications
  • Information about television, radio and film programming gains a unified search environment
  • RDTF profiles of two projects using linked data
  • Report from the 2011 Discovery Conference at the Wellcome Trust, London
  • Focus on Archives and Museums
  • Discovery and Special Collections: RLUK's Mike Mertens discusses Unique and Distinctive Collections
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Newsletter 1, May 2011

The Discovery Newsletter

  • COMET sighted in the east
  • Open Bibliography Workshop - at the London Knowledge Lab, the JISC Open Bibliography project held a workshop on open bibliographic data. Discussion a
  • RDTF takes on a new identity ...
  • Open data - the missing link? - Ken Chad positions Discovery in the context of global and national thinking
  • A recommendation - for open metadata release and licensing
  • Jerome - at the University of Lincoln
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Discovery Newsletter

The Discovery Newsletter

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